Welcome to the first DIY Thursday!

March 26, 2020 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Have you heard the dreaded, long-syllabled “I’m booored!” too many times this week? Don’t worry that you can’t take the kids out to their favourite activities, because you can bring their favourite activities to them. Keep those small idle hands busy with tin can bowling!

And the best part? This is a one-shop-stop activity. Everything you need to buy, you can get at Lincraft.

Image: A Girl and A Glue Gun

What you may need to buy:

Blue, green, yellow, red, pink and white acrylic paint Paint brushes

What you may already have:

9 tin cans

A tennis or small rubber ball

Newspaper, to paint over


1. Repurpose any bean, veggie or soup tins by washing and soaking them to peel the labels off. Note: tins with pull tabs are the best option, as they won’t have sharp edges to cut little fingers.

2. Place newspaper down over whatever surface you are painting on. Prime the tins with a white spray paint and allow to dry. This will ensure the colours you put on top are bright and even.

3. Paint with the various acrylic paint colours. The kids can go wild here painting stripes, swirls or geometric patterns!

4. Once the tins have dried, arrange them like bowling pins and play with the family to see who the best bowler is!

Book Review of the week!

We are excited to announce the book of the week "We're going on an egg hunt" by Laura Hughes.

Keep the little ones entertained and take them on an exciting lift-the-flap Easter egg hunt. With ten eggs to find and count, it's great fun. But watch out for the obstacles along the way - lambs, chicks, bees and ducks - and there's even a wolfish surprise, so do take care.

If you're a fan of the classic 'we're going on a bear hunt' you will love this one based on the traditional rhyme itself. Its the perfect book to crack out while in self-isolation and Easter just around the corner! With bright, colourful and moving illustrations that not only entertain the little ones but keeps them engaged this book scores 4.5 stars out of five from us!

Find the paper back at Dymocks today!

This weeks prize!

Follow our Instagram, like our DIY post and comment your favourite childrens book to win a $50 South.Point gift voucher!

Winner will be announced by 12pm on Friday 27th March.