Ways To Prep Your Garden For Spring

September 07, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

We have officially said goodbye to winter (and by officially we mean its technically no longer winter, but still cold!), which means the warmer weather is well and truly on it's way.
Whilst this means you'll eventually be seeing longer days, warmer nights, shorts and t-shirts as well as a lot more sun; it also means its time to get your garden in order for the change in season!
We're sharing with you some ways in which you can prepare your garden for spring.
Whether it be through a general clean up and tidy of your yard, to getting your soil ready for planting, or pruning; here's what you need to do to prep your garden for the warmer weather...

Clean up your garden
Throughout autumn and winter, your garden can be exposed to all the elements - and will have accumulated a lot of debris. You will want to start by clearing all of your garden beds and lawn of leaves, sticks and other things that have been collected.
It's actually a great idea to start doing this now, just as spring is starting so that your bulbs and plants have space to start growing in your garden beds. This will also of course have your garden beds and lawn appearing clean, tidy and fresh for the warmer weather.
Give your soil some TLC
Some would say that one of the most enjoyable parts of gardening is planting fresh seeds and plants. However, in order to do this, you need to ensure that your soil and garden beds have been looked after, as its important to always have the soil ready before you plant.
There are a variety of different soil types around Canberra, which means your soils nutrient content could be all over the place. In order to know how to get your soil ready for planting, you can get a soil tester from your local hardware or garden store. This is going to help you determine your soils pH balance, as well as what things you will need to amend your soil.
Once you have all the amendments you need, all you then need to do is dig up the top 6-12 inches of existing soil, mix the materials in and then rake them to become level!
Get pruning
It's super important to ensure that you start pruning towards the end of winter/beginning of spring just before new growth and the warm weather starts. Pruning can also help bring new life to the trees and shrubs. Eensure that you prune trees and fruit trees before the buds begin to break into bloom, otherwise you could risk getting a smaller crop due to stressing the tree.
Now is also a good time to move or remove plants that haven't been doing so well - or relocate them to a better area in the garden (i.e somewhere where these is more sun, or less depending on what they may need).
Mulch mulch mulch!
You want to get all your mulching done before it starts to get really hot. This is especially important if you live somewhere where you know it's going to get dry later on in the season. Provide the garden with mulch, and moisture it now while you can.
Check your garden hose and inspect your gardening tools
After a long winter without use, make sure your watering system is in good working order.
Unravel the hose and start the water: check for leaks and look for any kinks or holes in the tubing. Also check over your gardening tools and see if any need replacing.
If you are starting to notice splitting on wooden handles, or that your sharper items need a bit of sharpening, take them to your local hardware or gardening store to be repaired.
Remember to give your garden some love this season - why not use this weekend as an opportunity to?
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