The ultimate packing guide for a family holiday

June 15, 2019 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Jetting off somewhere warm – or even just going somewhere that’s not Canberra – these school holidays? A holiday should be a fun, relaxing time for the whole family to bond. What it shouldn’t be is stressful because sunscreen spilled all through someone’s bag or no one packed a warm jacket.

Avoid any hassle when you get to the hotel with our list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to packing for a family holiday.

Don’t take a bag that is too big or too small

Think you’re being slick saving space? Don’t risk having to lug a large, heavy suitcase all around town. It might be tempting to pack all your children’s clothing in with your own, but it’s smarter to opt for two or three medium-sized suitcases with wheels.

How to: Know you’re going to buy a lot on holidays? An expandable suitcase lets you fit in all those holidays purchases. Get one with 4 spinning wheels and save yourself the straining of lugging it around.

American Tourister Applite Medium 4 Wheel Suitcase from Bags To Go

Do separate your clothing amongst suitcases

Up the ante and divide each family member’s clothes amongst each suitcase you take. This way you don’t lose everything if one bag is lost in transit. Make sure everyone’s got a change of clothes in carry-on, too, in case of any accidents on the plane or just to feel fresh when you land.

Eagle Creek Pack It Specter Cube from Bags To Go

How to: Use packing cubes or compression bags to separate and organise clothing and create more space.

Don’t bring full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner or soap

These are literally just dead weight for your luggage. No doubt wherever you go, you will be able to buy more if you run out.

Cosmetics Travel Set from Kmart

How to: Buy minis of your favourite brands or decant your products into travel sized containers.

Do pack light

Seriously, you don’t need three outfits for every day. For kids, pack with a complete outfit in mind (top, bottoms, undies, socks + shoes) for however many days you’re away plus one extra for accidents. Think about what you can mix and match and what you can get double time out of for yourself.

Boys Stretch Shorts from Best & Less

How to: Shorts, skirts and pants can be worn multiple times before they need to be washed. Pack one or two for daytime and something dressier for night, and then a few tops that can be worn with both.

Don’t pack at the last minute

That’s how things get forgotten, especially if you’re trying to wrangle an excited kid or two in the process. Get yourself a good old notepad and write out exactly what you’re packing, right down to which shirts you want to take and the number of teddy bears that absolutely have to come on holiday.

How to: Save space and avoid creases by rolling your clothes. Keep a copy of your itinerary in your luggage too, in case it gets lost and your airline or hotel needs to know where to send it to.

Do get the kids involved

Let kids pack with their own belongings in a carry-on bag or backpack of their choice. Whether they choose soft toys or electronics, they’ll be occupied on a long plane ride and more likely to keep track of their luggage.

Kitty Mini Backpack from Strandbags.

How to: Give each toy its own identity bracelet in case they “wander off”, so the kids have peace of mind their toys will be returned to them safely and you don’t have to worry about lost items.

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