The Lowdown On Afterpay and zipPay

May 04, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Whether you’ve heard about them or not, Afterpay and ZipPay are two of the newest ways in which you can make purchases online and in store.

They were originally an online shopping tool that allowed you to delay your purchase, either pay a small installment or nothing at all straight up, receive your item within days of making the order, and then pay it back in either fortnightly or monthly payments that can be direct debited from your account!

Now, the Afterpay and Zipay systems have entered some stores within South.Point Tuggeranong - which means your can receive your product straight away, but pay for it later.

So essentially, it’s like lay buy, but better! Instead of paying off your items and then receiving  them- you can get them within hours or a few days, without paying a thing!
Sounds dangerous for the avid shopper? It definitely can be!
As there are a few retailers that have the Afterpay and Zippay system in place (a full list can be seen below), we thought we’d share with you a few tips and tricks on how to use the payment system effectively and safely.

So, how exactly do you use Afterpay or zipPay instore?


  1. Get the Afterpay mobile App The Afterpay in-store process starts from your mobile phone and just takes a couple of minutes to complete. Download the App from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Find your retailer Take a look below at the list of retailers in the Hyperdome who offer Afterpay.
  3. Get your barcode and present it at the store register Tap the barcode tab in the app, you'll automatically see the maximum amount you can spend in-store and a barcode. Present the barcode at the register to be scanned when it's time to pay. Make sure you have 25% of the total purchase price available in your account, as Afterpay deducts your first payment immediately.

Afterpay retailers at South.Point Tuggeranong
Bras N Things
Harris Scarfe
Surf Dive N Ski
Michael Hill


  1. Get the zipPay mobile App Sign up up to your account via the App.
  2. A six digit code is then generated Select zipPay as tender type to complete the sale in store
  3. The transaction is processed in real time You get your product straight away, and pay over time!

zipPay retailers at South.Point Tuggeranong
Best & Less
Dr Boom
Hairhouse Warehouse
Athletes Foot
Michael Hill

Quick Questions:

Does it cost money to use? 
No, just like a traditional layby, you won’t be charged interest on what you owe.
Which cards are accepted?
Afterpay and zipPay accept Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards issued in Australia. If you’re an AMEX cardholder, unfortunately you’ll miss out.
Is there a purchase limit?
With debit cards, the maximum amount you can spend is usually $500*. When it comes to credit cards, they  calculate a limit based on what it knows about you and your account, and retailers may put a cap on credit card purchase limits.
Can I make extra payments on my account?
Yes, you can. Simply login to your account online, and authorise an early payment. There are no fees for bringing the balance down to zero before those payment due dates are up.

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