December 17, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Life can get exceptionally busy throughout the year, which means that now is the perfect time to have all your closest family and friends over for Christmas lunch or dinner.

Whether it's a casual BBQ, three course dinner, or you're hosting everyone over for breakfast, lunch AND dinner; we've put together a few tips to help you style the perfect Christmas table this season.


This Christmas, put together a table setting that creates interest (or even a conversation starter with guests!).

Whether its through the decorations you use, or the crockery and other elements; layering your table this season is key.

Start by creating a base layer through a table runner or table cloth. Then you can start building up the rest of the table arrangement by adding decorations, multiple plates, bon-bons, napkins and other little festive pieces.

Tip: If you're looking to purchase new table napery (tablecloths, napkins etc), then opt for ones in neutral tones, as it means you can re-use them for various occasions. Simply wash and reuse!


From bouquets of Christmas themed flowers in Christmas colours, to native Australian flowers; Christmas centrepieces can add a great sense of warmth to any festive table setting.

Either incorporate florals through dramatic centre pieces, or through floral napkin rings, and decorative space fillers on the table.

An elegant table setting

If a three course meal is what you're planning offering your guests this Christmas, then you'll need an elegant table setting to match!

Ensure that you focus on the finer details and touches such as:
- Have multiple crockery items for each course, placed neatly on top of one another.

- Choosing a colour scheme and not going too OTT!

- If you can't find bon-bons that suit your theme, then opt to customise store bought ones by adding a bow or ribbon to basic styles.

- White on white can bring a calming and cool atmosphere to your elegant dining setting , and using white Christmas tree decorations, candles and baubles and pom poms can create an incredibly elegant vibe for the table.

A casual table setting

For a casual and modern look, add some natural decorative elements to your table setting. These can create rougher textures, but still flow beautifully together.

This could include:

- Pinecones, branches or items that you find at the beach or nearby park.

- Bringing the outdoors in with little jars and vases filled with wild flowers and greenery. These could make for great centre pieces!

- Adding a string of lights to the table setting to create a warm and ambient atmosphere.


An outside table setting

Celebrate the festive season with lunch or dinner outdoors, and make the table setting fun and relaxed.

Use the outdoor setting as a way to create a relaxing vibe, with plenty of bowls for snacks and easy ways to access all the food items on offer.

A few ideas for an outside table setting include:

- Adding lots of light and colour through candles and strings of lights, laid across the table.

- Colourful flowers in small jars that add great pops of colour.

- Scattering your Australian greenery throughout the centre of the dining table and finishing it off with a mouth-watering Pavlova on an amazing cake tower as the centrepiece.

The Kids Table

There is always going to be a kids table at Christmas lunch.

A great way to create a fun kids table is by using a paper table cloth, and then allowing the kids to use crayons and pencils to draw all over it! This allows kids to create their own centrepiece design, and will keep them entertained at the same time.

Finish off the table with fun tableware, and keep it as simple as possible.

Remember, less is always more when it comes to table styling this Christmas.

Always ensure that everything balances out, and that there is enough room to fit all the delicious food on the table too!

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