Staying Healthy with Go Vita

October 23, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Go Vita is Australia’s largest health food cooperative.
What began as a small group of passionate retailers in the early eighties has now grown and developed into a successful distribution and retail business.
Each Go Vita store has its own unique style, and plays a vital role in their local community, providing honest health and wellness advice and an extensive range of natural health products.
The South.Point Go Vita store is no exception, as it stocks a diverse range of health and lifestyle products.
We recently sat down with Gen from the South.Point store to learn more about the brand!
About Go Vita
Go Vita is Australia’s largest health food co-op, committed to making a difference in local communities with ethical, quality products and honest health advice.
Each Go Vita store is independently family owned and staffed by experienced and knowledgeable people who care about you and your family's health.
They are here to support you to get healthy and stay that way!
Go Vita Products
Go Vita have a wide selection of products to suit every lifestyle and health challenge.
Whether you are looking for organic whole-foods, something delicious to eat whilst following a restricted diet, high quality supplements, natural cosmetics and personal care products or waste free options - they have something to suit.
The Go Vita range of refrigerated foods is growing every week and they have an amazing selection of gluten free, dairy free, low carb, paleo and vegan essentials that are difficult to find elsewhere.
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Tips for Staying Healthy this Season
Each body is unique and we all have different requirements for our health.
Go Vita's biggest tip is to listen to your body and commit to treating it kindly! That might mean more sleep, better hydration, more movement or other simple adjustments.
Spring is a great time for a fresh start and the Go Vita team are always happy to talk through your health concerns and make some recommendations to help you reach your full potential.
What makes Go Vita South Point Unique
Go Vita South.Point are super passionate about the environment and reducing the impact we make on it, particularly when it comes to waste.
Recently they have brought in 'naked' foods and now offer many whole-foods in the quantity of your choosing, plastic free. They are also very happy for customers to bring in their own containers or they can supply heavy duty paper bags to carry your goodies home in!
Go Vita also have a great range of low tox cleaning products available in bulk - so bring your own container and buy as little or as much as you like!
Go Vita is located on the Upper Level in South.Point

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