Spring Racing Carnival – What to Wear

October 23, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

The Spring Racing Carnival is coming up quick and before we know it, all eyes will be on Flemington for the race that stops the nation!

Whether you're heading to the big event in Melbourne, to the local races here in Canberra, or if your office is holding a Melbourne Cup day event, then here's what you need to know about dressing for race day, as well as some ideas on what to wear...

What to wear for Spring races

This is the time of year where you really want to embrace what spring is all about - florals, colour, lace and prints!

For spring racing, theres a lot more leeway and options when it comes to your outfit.

Derby Day

Derby Day dressing is all about monochrome. Attendees will be dressed in all black and white, with headpieces, shoes and accessories to match! On Derby Day keep your outfit simple, and let the monochrome do all the talking.

Black and white is the chicest way to make a statement, so you could even opt for a more vintage approach to dressing and add a veil as your headpiece or a set of pearls on the neckline. Considering springtime means lots of florals and prints, Derby Day is an excuse to pull out your favourite LBD or another monochrome piece you may never get another chance to wear.

Just remember to stick to the other fashion codes of the races: nothing too skimpy, no strapless pieces and no midriff-bearing numbers.

Melbourne Cup Day

Being the biggest day on the spring racing calendar, Melbourne Cup is the day to don your most colourful and brightest outfits - nothing is ever too OTT on Melbourne Cup Day!

Melbourne Cup really is the day where you pull out all stops. Choose a colourful combination and some knockout accessories and make sure your headwear makes a statement.

Colours that are in season and ideal for spring racing include: dusty and bright pinks, emerald greens and reds!

Oaks Day

Known as Ladies Day, Oaks Day is the best day to wear your spring florals, pastel colours and lace. It's a day celebrating femininity!

Save your flower crowns for Oaks Day ladies - as this is the day where you'll want to be as feminine as you can. Definitely wear a longer style of dress or skirt (preferably below the knee).

Stakes Day

This is the last day of the carnival and known as family day. It is also the most relaxed in terms of dress code.

With a relaxed and casual atmosphere at Stakes Day, the options are endless when it comes to selecting an outfit. Jumpsuits, a short and blazer combo or even denim is acceptable on this day. And, if you're a little sick of wearing a fascinator, then opt for straw or wide brim hat instead!

What to know when entering Fashions on the Field

If you're looking to enter Fashions on the Field here are some tips on how to stand out from other entrants and be in the running to win!

– Wear something unique and a little different.

– Look to go outside of your comfort zone with your outfit. Tip: Try and experiment with a new colour that you wouldn’t normally wear.

– Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the climate.

– Attention to detail on accessories and headwear is important. Tip: Think about every aspect of your outfit from top to bottom.

– Millinery, shoes, and clutch and other accessories must be matched back to the dress or suit, as this is the focal point of your outfit.

Tip: If you’re nervous about entering – fake it till you make it! Be confident in who you are, and what you’re wearing.

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