South.Point Tuggeranong update – ACT State of Emergency

January 31, 2020 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

South.Point Centre Management is aware and acknowledge that a state of emergency has been declared across the ACT.

It is imperative that everyone is prepared, even if you are not in an area of immediate danger.

At this stage the fire is at “Watch and Act Status”, however Centre Management will continue to monitor the situation closely.

It is recommended to continue to monitor local emergency services for up to date fire information and

If you don't have a bushfire survival plan, you should make one now or know what to do in an emergency situation:

Where to get more information:
👍 Like ABC Canberra to get our latest posts: 📻 Listen to us on 666AM, the ABC Listen app, on digital TV channel 25, or via
As the emergency broadcaster, we will go into rolling coverage should the fire go to an 'emergency' alert level.
The ESA has more detailed information about the bushfire and advice about what to do:
RFS NSW has information for residents across the border:

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