Pet Hacks for Winter

May 29, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

As the weather drops into the single digits in Canberra, it's time to start looking towards ways in which you can ensure that your fury friend is kept warm, safe and healthy this winter. Does your pet love cuddles on the couch during winter, or prefer to be running around outside in the cold? Either way, you should be prepared this season for when they do head outside! If you're looking for ways to ensure that your pet stays healthy and warm this winter, then Best Friends Pet Care Centre (which is located in the Lifestyle Centre of South Point) should be your one stop shop for products, information and advice on what to know about looking after your pet this winter. Keeping Pets Warm For pets that are outside a lot during the cooler months, a cosy, outdoor coat is an absolute must have. Best Friends has a HUGE range of jackets, coats and jumpers for every occasion including fashion, active and outerwear. Other ways to ensure that they stay warm include:
  • Making sure that your pets coat is clean and brushed. This will ensure that their coat will function when it's cold.
  • Ensuring that they have a suitable bed. You can also buy things like Self Heating Pet Beds, that work by radiating the pets own heat back at them to keep them warm.
  • A coat or jacket for your dog to wear outside, particularly for short haired dogs. For an outside dog something practical like the PetLife jackets which are wind and rain resistant would work best. Huskimo also have an amazing range of Functional and Fashion outdoor wear (see image below).
  • Ensure outside dogs have protection from the wind and rain. If you are unsure of what size coat to buy for your fury friend, you can always bring them into the Best Friends store and they will fit them for a coat, or measure from their shoulder
Pet Weight Gain During Winter   During the cooler months when your dog is not being as active, its really important to make sure that you are following your Food Brands feeding guide. Most brands will have 2 different amounts, so you should be feeding the lower serve. Best Friends also recommend having a good range of toys so your dog can keep active by playing at home. Keep a close eye on your pet’s weight and if you have any concerns speak to a Best Friends team member for advice. Pet Food To ensure that your furry friend doesn't put on a few extra kg's, you could also switch to a food that is formulated to help control weight, like Hills Perfect Weight. Also be conscious that dogs burn fat during the colder months trying to keep warm. If you are unsure, please talk to one of their friendly team members in store. Pet Grooming During Winter Grooming is still a very important thing for your pets skin and coat health. During the cooler months, Best Friends recommend a ‘nice and tidy’ for the in between pamper. Settling into the colder months should not mean putting a stop to your grooming regime. In fact winter is the perfect time to maintain your dog’s skin and coat to make sure you avoid the ‘spring shaved down’ this year! Simply speak to your specialist grooming team and receive a personalised winter skin and coat assessment for your best friend Pet Vaccinations Make sure that your pets vaccinations are up to date, and continue flea/tick/worming treatments as parasites are still active in the cooler months. Key Products to Purchase Who doesn't love purchasing little goodies for their pet? Here are a few things that Best Friends recommends that you invest in for your pet this winter:
  • A Jacket
  • Self-Heating Bed
  • Socks or Boots
  • New indoor toys
The Best Friends Pet Care Centres has everything you need for your pet under one roof, including:
  • A huge range of pet supplies with best prices guaranteed;
  • Expert advice on responsible pet ownership;
  • A state-of-the-art professional dog grooming Salon;
  • Our Vet Pet Clinic, open 7 days; and
  • Puppy Pre-School where puppies and their owners learn the basics from accredited trainers.
Images sourced from Best Friends Instagram page.

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