New Year resolutions 2022

December 30, 2021 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

When it's New Year's Eve and the clock strikes midnight, it can be the turning point to achieving all the goals and desires you have. This year some popular hopes for year January 1st include:

Try A New Recipe Each Week
Sometimes, at the end of a long day, all you want to do is order pizza. And that’s understandable. Life can get in the way of cooking every single day. Either you don’t have the time or you have social obligations.

But setting a New Year resolution to cook just one new recipe accomplishes three things: you save money by eating at home, the food is better for you because you know exactly what’s going in it, and you have a chance to brush up on your cooking skills.

Trying a different recipe each week can also introduce you to a variety of dishes and cuisines and cooking the meal won’t even take long — a Google search for easy 30-minute dinner ideas just might yield enough results to last you a whole year.

Do Your Bit For The Environment
You can certainly make a New Year resolution to go vegan or adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, but trying to accomplish those goals can be a jarring change if you’ve never attempted it before.

Instead, take baby steps. Try incorporating one plant-based meal into your diet, start donating clothes and thrifting when you can, carry a reusable tote bag to the supermarket, purchase a set of eco-friendly metal straws, and recycle as much as possible.

Stick to a budget
Sticking to a budget can help you save more for the lifestyle that you desire. It can also give you more confidence in your ability to manage your finances. Ramsey Solutions provides some great tips on how to stick to your budget.
Also speak to your local bank for ways to manage your budget.

Follow a consistent sleep schedule
Sleep is very important part of life, it helps you think move and function everyday. It has been recommended to get at least 8-9 hours a night by sleep studies.

Read more books
Books can give you knowledge on many things. Take time to read more of them this year. Here are some good Self help books to look into.

Start a workout routine
Exercise, is usually on a lot of people's list of goals for the new year. There are many benefits to starting a workout routine. Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic to get started on a fitness program.

Learn something new related to your passion
Lots of people say learning new things can be a good resolution to set. Perhaps an even better one is learning new things related to your passion. The more new things you learn related to it, the more information that can help you succeed at achieving your passions.

Write down your goals
Those who write down their goals are 1.4 times more likely to succeed at them than those who don't. Make your hopes be more likely to come true by writing out what they are. Once you have the goals set out, put together a plan.