Lounge Room Styling Tips for Spring

September 20, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

There's no better time than the present to revamp the rooms in your home.  

The weather is getting warmer, spring/summer interior trends and styles are being released, and it's a generally good time of year to do a major spring clean of your home.

One particular common area of your home that could do with a re-style each season is your lounge room.

The way a room is styled can really impact the home in a positive way, and living rooms are where we relax, welcome friends and family, or hangout during the day. They are spaces that need to change and adapt depending on what stage of life we're at too!

Here are some ways in which you can spice up your living area this season...

Work With What You've Got

Before you rush out and purchase all new interiors and furniture for your lounge room, take a look around the room first.

Chances are you may already have the base level furniture items, and only need to re-style the soft furnishing elements.

Also, take a look at how the furniture is fitting into the room - maybe all you need to do is shift it around and re arrange the room slightly to jazz it up! When doing this however, consider if the new layout will work in terms of allowing proper access and mobility into the room.

Experiment with different layouts and test them out before you decide on the final look for the room.

Invest In Good Pieces

By investing in good quality furniture pieces, you will have furniture items that will last a lifetime. Living room pieces to invest good money in include your lounge, tv cabinet and other big ticket furniture items.

By having these quality pieces, you will then be able to chop and change your other styling elements, depending on the season and how you're feeling about the room at the time you want to redecorate.

We recommend opting for a neutral colour palette for these investment furniture items, and then adding pops of colour, print and patterns through the styling elements that you use such a cushions, throws, artwork and other interior items.

Add Some Greenery

This is the perfect time of year to add some indoor greenery to your living space. Why? Because they are ideal for injecting a cool vibe into any space.

Not only does adding greenery to your living space mean you're bringing added colour into the home, but it also means it's an easy way to effortlessly style the home as well.

Place a single palm frond in a glass vase, towering cactus or fiddle leaf in a large pot or wicker basket - or even group different indoor plants together to create a beautiful clustered effect! There are some affordable and fake options around, which means you won't need to worry about trying to keep them alive too.

Update The Lighting

Cosy spaces need good quality lighting.

Update your lounge room ceiling lights to something a little more modern or classic, and look to add other lighting elements into the room via a floor lamp in the corner, or a table lamp beside the couch.

Not only will new ceiling lighting bring life to the room, but the other floor or table lights will also add a great moodiness effect too!

When In Doubt, Add A Rug

Rugs are quite affordable these days, which means you can change them up depending on the season!

They can add great texture to any space, and can be great feature points in any lounge room or living space as well. Rugs can also add softness where needed.

It's recommended that when adding a rug to your living area that will be placed near the couch, get one a little bigger than the space itself, so that you can place the rug underneath the couch.

This will add a great flowing effect and will aid in streamlining the look of the room as well.

Images sourced from Pinterest.

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