Isolation friendly at Home Workouts!

March 24, 2020 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Social distancing extended to the gym? Bored of runs around the neighbourhood? Don’t worry. You can stay fit from the comfort of your own home. All you need for these five types of exercise are an internet connection, minimal equipment and some stylish gym gear. Motivation to get out of bed is on you, sorry.

Yoga Image: Rebel Sport

Think yoga is just stretching? This all-rounder activity packs breathing exercises, meditation and posture work into one, so it’s really an exercise for the body and mind. Stretch away any stress with the original doyenne of yoga on YouTube, Yoga With Adriene. She’s got a practice for everything from gut health and vertigo to a simple 15-minute break from work.

No session is complete without a yoga mat – which can be used for other types of exercise too! Try the Celsius Deluxe 5mm Mat ($34.99 from Rebel Sport).

Pilates Image: Rockwear

Blogilates is run by Cassey Ho, who specialises in simple and quick Pilates videos that you can do anywhere. Don’t be tempted to group Pilates in with yoga – you’ll feel the burn hard and fast on even the simplest looking exercises. Originally devised to help injured athletes and dancers maintain fitness, Pilates is all about lengthening, stretching and toning your ‘core’ muscles (think abs, lower back, hips and butt).

Feel the burn in these Rockwear Squad Print 7/8 Tights (on sale for $48.99). You won’t be worrying about pulling up your pants mid-workout either, because these were made to feel like a second skin.


Image: Rebel Sport

Maybe a hit of cardio is more your style? The list of benefits from unleashing your inner Rocky just keeps going: you’ll enjoy increased muscle tone, strengthen your joints, tendons and ligaments, improve cardiovascular fitness and core stability (hello, abs), find yourself more coordinated, and even get a bit of stress relief, too.

This cardio boxing workout from Popsugar Fitness burns up to 500 calories in just 45 minutes – so you best believe it’s going to kick your butt. All you need is a set of light hand weights, like these 1kg Celsius Dumbbells ($4.99 each from Rebel). Don’t underestimate how much these will burn out your shoulders in less than an hour, either.

HIIT Image: Rockwear

Another great cardio workout is high-intensity interval training, aka HIIT. HIIT alternates between bursts of movement and periods of rest. Not only is this method efficient and convenient since it’s best done in a shorter time period, it’s great for heart health, increases your metabolism, and promotes fat loss and muscle growth.

Give this this home HIIT workout from The Body Coach Joe Wicks a go – just make sure you’ve got the most supportive fit to match. The Zen High Impact Sports Bra (on sale for $48.99 from Rockwear) means you’ll sweat in style. Hot tip: if you want to get the little ones involved, The Body Coach will be hosting live PE sessions daily for kids affected by school closures.

Strength Training Image: Rebel Sport

Prefer your exercises slow, controlled and with weights? This type of training is great for overall strength, losing, gaining or maintaining weight, building bone density (which is inevitably lost with age), better sleep patterns, regulating insulin and lowering inflammation. Phew.

You don’t need a squat rack to get the gym experience at home. The Celsius YBells can double as kettlebells or dumbbells and range in weight from 4.3 to 12kg (starting from $49.99 at Rebel Sport). Try them with this full body workout that you’ll definitely feel the next day.