Easy Easter Craft Ideas

April 09, 2019 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Got kids a little too excited for their egg hunt this Sunday? We’ve got a few crafty ideas to keep their minds and hands busy before the big day.  

Cupcake Liner Flowers

  These pretty posies are so easy to make, you can just sit back and watch as the kids create their own floral masterpieces.   They can cut their own flowers from patty pans and go crazy decorating them with rhinestone stickers. The kids will be distracted, and you’ll be rejoicing at how little mess there is to clean up. Plus, everything can be bought from either Dollar Marshall or Coles.   What you’ll need: regular cupcake liners, mini cupcake liners, coloured paddle pop sticks, coloured paper, stickers, glue  

Shaving Cream Eggs

    All you need to do here is line a tray with aluminium foil, fill it with shaving cream, dot some different coloured paints on top, and then feather the paints with a skewer. Crafty children can press egg-shaped pieces of cardboard onto the shaving cream and marvel at their prettily patterned Easter decorations. Grab paint from Big W and use any shaving cream you’ve got at home or pick some more up at Priceline.   What you’ll need: shaving cream, cardboard or paper, paint, skewer

Paint filled Eggs

  On a scale of keep the house clean as a museum to kids throwing paint-filled eggs, how messy are you willing to get this Easter?   This one’s a little easier if you’ve had eggs for breakfast and saved the shells – after that, it’s a matter of cleaning them, filling them with paint, and then “resealing” them with tissue paper. Set up a canvas on the grass outside and let the kids go wild. Head to Lincraft for canvases and paints for your little Picassos and The Reject Shop for tissue paper for the eggs.   What you’ll need: empty eggshells, paint, tissue paper, glue, canvases  

Toilet Paper Roll Stamps 

  If you’ve got a few kids, we imagine you’ve got a few toilet paper rolls stacked up for the recycling bin. Grab two toilet rolls and fold one side down to a sharp point to make the ears of a rabbit, and then glue them to another.   You can make “egg stamps” by folding one side of the rolls more gently than you did for the bunny ears. Then all you need is some paint and paper, and the kids can go crazy stamping. Stock up for supplies at Coles and Lincraft.   What you’ll need: toilet rolls, paint, coloured paper