Dog Friendly Cafes at South.Point

May 14, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

On a cool Canberra morning, who doesn't love taking their pooch for a lovely walk, and then for a well deserved post walk coffee or meal? While there are some wonderful dog friendly cafes all around Canberra - you'll find three of them situated right in the South.Point Canberra. These cafes have dog friendly seating, with both sunny and shady spots, as well as sufficient space around the tables, each with a welcoming vibe and staff that are all very happy to bring you water for your dog too! We recently took one of our cute little puppies for an adventure to the South.Point to check out the dog friendly cafes. Take a look!

Cafe Milligram
New kid on the block Cafe Milligram was our first port of call. With its stunning venue and fine-dining with exquisite architecture, contemporary décor and a creative menu and coffee list; this is an ideal place to stop with your pooch after your morning or afternoon walk. This is a glorious cafe that has plenty of sunshine and shade, depending on what your pooch desires. They offer a water bowl out the front for your pet, and are also happy for you to move the bowl depending on where you're sitting as well. Oh, and they do a great coffee!
Brew Bar
Brew bar is one of Tuggeranong’s best food outlets. They have a great range of breakfast, coffee, and light lunch meals, and what makes them even better is that they are dog friendly too. Their friendly service paired with their amazing breakfast will be sure to keep you and your dog coming back. They have a variety of outdoor seating options, with enough space to fit your pooch underneath or beside the table. Water is also provided at request as well! Coffee Guru
Located in the Lifestyle Centre, Coffee Guru is a great place to stop for a mid morning coffee after you've paid a visit to Best Friends! The entire Lifestyle Centre (besides from Good Guys) is pet friendly, which means you can feel comfortable in knowing that your dog can feel safe and secure. Coffee Guru offer a range of food and beverage options - and it's also a warm place to bring your dog for a coffee when it's cool outside. So what are you waiting for - grab your pooch and take a walk down to South.Point!

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