Decluttering Your Home After Christmas

December 17, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

The first few weeks of January is the perfect time to declutter your home and prepare it for the New Year.   Theres a strong chance you will have a lot of things pile up over the festive period, from gifts to decorations, cards and other items.   And, as important as it is to clear out the clutter in your home from time to time, it's even more important to have a good storage system in place!   Take a look at these decluttering tips to help you reorganise your home after Christmas.   Decluttering things you don't want/need   When decluttering your home, it's important to be ruthless with what you're cleaning out.   This is to ensure that you effectively declutter your home and reorganise it so that it lasts for months and prevents you from having to do it over and over.   When deciding on what the keep, donate or throw away, consider the following:   1. Do I really like this item?   2. Do I use it?   3.  Do I already have something similar?   4.  Do I like this item because of emotional memories it brings?   5. Could I do without this item?   By considering these questions before you decide on what to do with your items, you'll be able to make a decision on what to do with all the clutter and where its going to be stored.   Sort Before You Stow   Once Christmas is over and it's time to pack up the tree and decorations, its important to sort through everything before you put it all away.   Look through the holiday decorations and decide on what to stow and what to throw. Never assume that you can just put it away and sort it out next Christmas.   Same goes for Christmas lights! If there are ones that aren't working, or won't last till next Christmas, ensure that you throw them away too.     Clean Out Children's Toys   After Christmas is over, new kids toys can pile up and storage spaces can easily begin overflowing with new toys, whilst older ones seem to become forgotten about.   Sort and organise the toys into Keep, Donate and Throw piles, and look to donate the older toys to charities that can regift them to families and children in need.     Rotate Toys   Off the back of this toy clean-out, its a good idea to start rotating toys with your kids.   Kids can get so immersed with new toys, that they often forget about older ones that they used to love. Each month, rotate the toys by putting away a few, and bringing out new ones. This brings new life to the toys that you've chosen to keep.     Tips for Decluttering   Enlist the help of the kids where you can, especially when it comes to sorting through the toys and gifts from Christmas. By making them part of the process, they can also start to understand the importance of having value and respect for their belongings.   - When decluttering, work quickly. This will ensure that you don't spend too long deciding on what to keep, as quick decisions make for good decisions. Go with your gut on what you want to keep, donate and throw away.     - Set aside enough time for your decluttering project. By setting aside a few hours in the morning, or evening and making time for this project, it means that you'll allow yourself enough time to do it properly.   - Invest in quality storage boxes/containers. By doing so, this means that you'll be able to store your belongings correctly, and they'll be easily accessible too!   - Always celebrate after you've completed your decluttering project. It can often be a big and tiresome task, so always reward yourself for the hard work!   Images sourced via Pinterest.

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