Chocolate eggs, hot cross buns & bunnies with carrots

May 04, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Easter is just around the corner and thoughts are turning to warm hot cross buns, long weekends and oodles of chocolate eggs. I’ve taken one for the team and visited each establishment at the Hyperdome who sells hot cross buns to determine which is my favourite. Are you a staunch traditionalist, or do you dislike anything with candied fruit in them, or perhaps you like to go with the flow and eat whatever hot cross bun is on offer? Whatever your preference South.Point Tuggeranong has you hot cross covered.

In my little basket I have buns from Woolies, Coles and Bakers Delight. We have mini hot cross buns, double chocolate hot cross buns, apple and cinnamon hot cross buns, fruitless hot cross buns, traditional buns and chocolate chip hot cross buns. It’s the mini hot cross buns that had me intrigued. They’re sold at both Woolies and Coles, and although delightful, why would you want less hot cross bun? Hmmm. In my comparison tests, I did like the mini traditional buns toasted in the sandwich maker best, the top gets beautifully crisp while the inside stayed fluffy. The double chocolate buns made a complete mess of my toastie maker, with the chocolate melting and sicking to the hot plate, so these are best eaten fresh, or perhaps zapped in the microwave for a second or two when a few days old.

Bakers Delight apple and cinnamon buns remained the freshest/softest for the longest period, and were a little like eating an apple pie in  bun form, but tasty nonetheless.

The kids will love the chocolate ones, the adults will delight in all the others, I can’t pick a favourite. And the best thing about hot cross buns? On the Tuesday after Easter, you can toast them all and eat them hot with melted butter and a cup of coffee in peace and quiet back at work. My word to the wise? Grab a few packets of each, because no one ever wants just one bun!


Easiest ever white chocolate mousse filled easter eggs

This little treat is so cute for the kids, because over easter children just don't get enough chocolate. It's a great use for all the eggs sitting around the house if they don't get eaten straight away, and look really cool on a Easter banquet table. And they only have 4 ingredients!
  • 10 pack hollow easter eggs (and well might you ask where the missing four eggs from my picture are? In the tummies of the children before the photo shoot could occur!)
  • 2Tb apricot jam
  • 250gms white chocolate
  • 600mls cream
Place chocolate in a heat-proof bowl, add 1/2 cup cream and heat on medium power in the microwave for 2 minutes.Check after two minutes and stir, until the chocolate has completed melted and is nice and smooth. Set aside to cool down. While the chocolate cools down, gently take the top off each egg, like you would a boiled egg. Don't be too concerned if the eggs crack a little or they're not all the same height, the kids won't care, it's chocolate filled with chocolate and jam, how bad can that be? Eat all the lids while the kids aren't looking. Cooks treat. Whip the rest of the cream until firm peaks form. Pour in half the cooled melted chocolate mixture and fold through gently. Add the remaining chocolate and fold through until it's all combined and smooth, but don't over beat as the mixture fluffiness may disappear. Now comes the tricky part. I assumed a piping bag filled with mixture and piped into the eggs would be a great idea. But no, it wasn't. Try and spoon little teaspoons full of mousse into each egg until it just reaches the top. Pop into the fridge for at least half an hour so the mousse can firm up before adding the jam. Add half a teaspoon of apricot jam to the top of each egg so it looks like little egg yolks. Pop back into the fridge for a few more hours so it sets a little. And then let the kids dive in. I hope the Easter bunny finds you in good spirits, or just finds you. Happy Easter all! The Food and Wine Marshall  

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