Celebrating 100 years of Gibsons Puzzles at Books R Us

January 18, 2019 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Gibsons Puzzles were founded in 1919, this year marks an entire century for the British company. Gibsons pride themselves on the high quality of materials they use - they manufacture their puzzles with 100% recycled material cut thickly to ensure consistency when putting the puzzle together. 

It all begun in 1903 when Harry Percy Gibson obtained a generous loan of £500. This allowed him to start the business under the name 'The International Card Co.' Originally the business sold card games and postcards to high street retailers. The business saw a number of changes throughout the century, and rode out two world wars. 

In the late 70's the company was shortened to 'Gibson's' and began to take shape in the way in which we know it today. You can find a large variety of Gibsons puzzles at Books R Us in South.Point Tuggeranong.         

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