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May 04, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

We all see those stylish homes on Instagram and Pinterest that stop us in our tracks - perfectly organised and beautifully styled. Well there's no reason your home can't be just as organised... or at least one zone in your home! Today we're sharing the top zones you can declutter and organise so you can make 2018 your year to have an organised home.


It's an area of the home we see multiple times a day and depending on what state it's in, your pantry can either cause stress and frustration or be a space of beauty and efficiency. With so many stores now offering affordable storage solutions, such as Kmart, Big W and Harris Scarf, it's no longer out of reach to have an organised pantry of your own. An easy trick is to simply place most perishable foods in storage containers, such as these ones from Kmart, which will help to keep your foods fresher for longer and instantly make your pantry appear more organised and orderly. Just be sure to check the plastic is BPA free. In this pantry, the same Kmart containers were used with labels placed on the face. Organised pantry Image via Style Curator The inside of your pantry door is other space you can maximise by either installing small racks to hold spice jars, hooks to hang tea towels, or small rails to hold your cling wrap and alfoil. Have alfoil and clingwrap behind pantry door Image via House Beautiful Organise behind your pantry door Image via Better Homes and Gardens


Another zone in the home that many of us could pay more attention to is our wardrobe. With the rise of fast fashion, it's easy for our wardrobes to quickly burst at the seams. A great starting point to organise your wardrobe is to declutter. That means, sorting your clothing into three piles - keep, donate and bin. If you don't love an item of clothing or haven't worn it in the past year, is it something you still need to hold onto? Removing clothes that you don't use will actually make you feel as though you have more clothes - when you open your wardrobe you'll only be looking at things you use and love, rather than a sea of items you can't or don't want to wear. Once you've decluttered, group your clothing in a way that makes sense to you. That may mean putting 'work' clothes together, 'casual' clothes together and 'going out' clothes together, or some people prefer to organise by colour or by season. You'll know what works best for you. Then look for ways you can organise these best. Velvet or timber coat hangers are popular as they can hold your clothes without damaging them (and they look great too!), baskets are practical for holding smaller accessories, while shelves can be used for folded clothes, handbags or hats. How to organise your wardrobe Image via Apartment Therapy Organised wardrobe Image via Apartment Therapy

Under the kitchen sink

We know, we know, under the kitchen sink is hardly a glamorous zone of the house to keep organised but it's one of those spaces that's prone to clutter (aka chaos!). By simply using some storage baskets, tiered or adjustable shelves, and adhesive hooks, you can quickly turn this space around. These caddies from Kmart, baskets from Target, and handy shelves from Big W are just some of our favourite storage solutions. Organised kitchen sink Image via Better Homes and Gardens


Forget the days when laundries were just a functional room in the home - the trend for luxury laundries is here. And while many of us may not be able to afford a laundry remodel to achieve these luxe laundries, a bit of organising and styling can go a long way. We just love this laundry which shows how far a few new decor and organisational pieces - almost all from Kmart, mind you - can go to breathe new life into this area of the home. Laundry styling Image via Bel Freeman Laundry organising Image via I Heart Organising

Front entry

They say first impressions count so why not make your front entry a space you can be proud of. If your entry is filled with messy shoes, school bags or piles of paperwork, consider trying some of these organising ideas. A bench seat that doubles as a storage box is a clever way to store those messy shoes, while wall hooks are a great use of wall space. If you have a small entry, simply adding a wall shelf can give you somewhere to store your keys while also creating a surface area to do a touch of styling (thing a vase, artwork or photo frame, and a candle). Entry organising Image via Homes To Love Have you been inspired to organise an area in your home? Tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram!

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