Autumn Fashion Trends 2021

March 15, 2021 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

This autumn we will see the return of the flare.

Flared jeans, flared sleeves, flared skirts and flared leggings (previously known as ‘yoga pants’ by the millennial generation).

Skinny jeans and side parts may be out but don’t stress matching co-ords is in!

This season will channel the 80s with voluminous sleeves and shoulder pads and a touch of the 90s knitted vests and maxis.

If Tik Tok has anything to say about up-coming fashion trends; it would scream bring back the 70s AND the 80s AND the 90s with a touch of the early 00’s.

Matching Co-ords 

We embraced matching Knitwear last year as the perfect stay at home outfit.

This year; like the rest of us it’s making an appearance outside of home. From cute couch potato to comfy brunch attire matching knits are making a statement in 2021.

Style Tip: Dress your set up with a chunky pair of boots, layered necklaces, or a peek-a-boo turtle neck.


Flared Jeans & Tights

Calling on all 70’s fashion lovers, you heard us right. The flared jeans are BACK! For those struggling to pack away those beloved skinny jeans we recommend repeating this seasons style mantra –

‘Cool, Urban and Vintage’

The best part about the resurfaced flared jeans movement is that you don’t have to jump in the deep end straight away.

Test the waters with Cotton On’s ‘Denim for a new decade’ range.

With jean styles from petit, curvy, wide leg to flared; their range is sure to offer the perfect fit to kick off your jean adventure.

Voluminous Shoulders & sleeves 

After the year of understated fashion otherwise known as the ‘quarantine style’, 2021 has been silently announced as the year for making a fashion statement (As if you couldn’t tell from the flared jeans).

Puffed-sleeved pieces have made their way back into our wardrobes and they look … cute!

From summer dresses to daring evening gowns the puff-sleeved pieces are slowing becoming a statement piece every wardrobe needs.

Style Tip: Act confident and no one will question you!

Maxi Dresses 

The maxi dress is the chameleon of the fashion world. Always adapting, yet always present.

As one of the most versatile pieces, you can style them down for a casual summer day or you can style them up with jewels and heels for fancy occasion.

This season we will see it adapt once again to feature new advanced layered techniques including styling them over pants or a mesh turtle neck.

Style tip: Found the perfect dress but it’s a tad too long? Visit your local alterations service and have it tailored for the perfect fit!



We didn’t expect to see vests make a comeback after the 90s yet here they are! Styled as both vest shirts (the shest) in the warmer weather and layered sweater vests in the colder weather.

This is another statement piece to look out for.

Still not over your quarantine DIY faze? Create your own vest with an old sweater by simply removing the sleeves and styling over a long sleeved tee matched with a pair of flared jeans.