8 of the best Kmart hacks of 2018

May 04, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

It may be early in the year but we’re already calling the best 8 Kmart hacks of 2018!

1. Hexagon mirror as statement wall art

Trying to find stylish and affordable wall art – particularly oversized wall art – is near impossible which prompted Misty to think outside the square and combine 5 hexagon mirrors. It creates such big impact and you’d never guess it cost only $60! Mirror wall Image source

2. Woven baskets as kitchen storage

Talk about kitchen goals! Angela has used a selection of Kmart canisters and rectangle baskets to make the most of her open kitchen shelving. Woven baskets Image source

3. Lamp as DIY wall sconce

Using a simple triangle design and several pieces of wood, Rox has taken the Kmart lamp to a whole new level! These wall sconces look so Scandi and chic, and certainly pass as a designer buy. Wall sconce Image source

4. Wall shelf as jewellery holder

If you love dangle earrings, you’d know how challenging it is to try and find ways to store them – without having them tangle or become damaged. Katie found a clever solution using the Kmart wall shelf. Jewellery holder Image source

5. Shoe rack as kids grocery store

One of the most popular toys for young children is a play kitchen and/or grocery shop but with most store bought play sets costing several hundred, it can be a large investment to make – plus the cost of all the play foods and accessories! Clever mum of five made an epic playroom for her children, including a DIY grocery store using the Kmart shoe rack! Grocery store Image source

6. Wall shelf as coffee station

Short on kitchen bench space but want somewhere stylish and efficient to make your coffee? Consider turning a wall shelf into a convenient coffee station. The pockets are just the right size to fit mugs and canisters. Coffee station Image source

7. Fry basket as succulent holder

The trick to healthy and thriving succulents is good soil drainage and Melinda found the perfect solution to grow succulents at home – using a fry basket that she lined in sphagnum moss. So clever! Fry basket Image provided by Melinda

8. Shoe rack as additional kitchen bench space

Another idea if you’re short on kitchen bench space is to use the Kmart shoe rack. It doubles the amount of bench space while also offering side walls to rest chopping boards, knife blocks and other kitchen essentials against. Shoe rack kitchen Image source What’s your favourite Kmart hack on the list or have you seen another that you think should be included? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram.

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