5 Ways To Look After Your Skin In Summer

November 29, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Every year, the summer sun and other elements can take a toll on your skin.

The warm temperatures, humidity, salt water or chlorine from swimming can all wreck havoc on your face, body and hair over summer.

To avoid doing damage to your skin, and to keep it healthy and hydrated all summer long; here are five ways in which you can help your skin be its best this season.

1. Sunscreen is a must - on both the face and body

It's recommended that you refresh your sunscreens each year, so ensure that you head out and purchase yourself some new body and face sunscreens.

Make sure that your sunscreens have UVA and UVB products, and comes in a high grade of SPF.

It's important to apply sunscreen to your face each morning, before applying your makeup either via a sunscreen & moisturiser combination, or mixed in with your foundation.

As for your body, reapply it every 1-2 hours that you are in the sun to ensure that you are kept safe from the sun's rays.

2. Hydrate your face and body with lotion

During winter and summer, it's ideal to use two different types of moisturisers. In winter you want a thicker style of moisturiser (or body butter), and in summer use a lighter style of lotion that will glide along the skin.

Applying it straight after your shower to allow for the lotion to sink into the skin.

Moisturise day AND night if you can, to ensure that your body is staying super hydrated.

3. Book in for regular treatments at Laser Skin Clinics

Laser Skin Clinics, located on the Ground Floor of South.Point, offer an incredibly large range of skincare treatments, that can help you maintain glowing and healthy skin all summer long.

Their range of non-invasive treatments can help you maintain a natural, youthful appearance to show off your best features.

Depending on your skin type and what you need, they are bound to have a treatment that is best suited to your skin's needs. Their skin treatment packages target specific skin conditions to have you walking out looking and feeling your best. South.Point Lifesyle Blog 4. Drink loads of water

Drinking water can really make an impact on the health of your skin (how it looks and feels) and how well your body functions. Proper hydration can help flush out toxins in the body too!

Sipping water throughout the day can help you stay on track with your hydration.

And, if plain water is just not for you, there are a range of tea infusions and other natural things that you can place in your water to make it more tasty!

5. Exfoliate your body regularly

Dead cells can often sit on the surface of your skin, especially after months of cold winter weather. This is why it's important to exfoliate and remove these cells to promote a more radiant, healthier appearance.

Exfoliating also allows for the skins cells to regenerate more quickly. Remember to also moisturise straight after you exfoliate too!

Following these simple steps can really help you look after your skin this season.

Your skin will not only look and feel better, but YOU will feel better too!

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