Jackets you need in your wardrobe

July 30, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

We are officially half way through winter! So what does this mean? Well, whilst it may still be freezing cold outside, we are halfway towards the beginning of spring and ultimately, warmer weather! Before we get ahead of ourselves and get too excited about whats to come weather wise, we wanted to share with you 5 types of jackets that we think you should be adding into your wardrobe to either wear now, or when the weather warms up! Take a look at these 5 different jacket types below, and take your pick on what you'll be bringing home and adding to your wardrobe... The Blazer A blazer should be a staple item in everyone's wardrobe. Why? Because they are THE go-to jacket when you don't want to be too rugged up, but still need some coverage. Gone are the days where blazers were reserved for just wearing to the office. Now, they come in so many different styles, patterns and colours, which means you have endless options to chose from! Of course, they are great for wearing over your corporate uniform, but can also look really chic when paired with a cute pair of jeans and sneakers, or over the knee boots! Images sourced from Sussan Fashion The Fluffy Jacket Teddy jackets as they are known at the moment, are super fluffy, oversized jackets that keep you OH so warm! These are ideal for pairing over pretty much any outfit, with the main aim to give you maximum warmth and comfort. If you're a little over wearing skinny jeans this season, then why not style a cute mini or midi skirt over a pair of tights? Then, add the teddy jacket over the top. You'll be super comfortable up top, and oh so chic down bottom. Add a pair of ankle boots to step the look up a notch too! Images sourced from Rockmans and Cotton On The Leather or Suede Biker Jacket Put on a leather or suede biker jacket and instantly feel a confidence boost. These types of jackets are IDEAL for completing any sort of weekend look. Pair over the top of a casual top and skinny jeans, and you'll instantly feel like you're an off duty model. The beauty with these jackets is that they are available in so many different colours, meaning that you can follow trends, depending on what mood you're in. We recommend however that you have a staple black one in your wardrobe, and make that your first leather or suede jacket investment, as you'll find yourself reaching for this one the most! Images sourced from Target and Katies Fashion The Denim Jacket A denim jacket really is a timeless piece. Own a denim jacket and you'll find yourself being able to wear it for almost every occasion. What we love most about denim jackets is that fact that they can instantly elevate any look and make it really street style chic! If you're a little apprehensive to wearing one because you're used to just wearing denim on your lower half, try wearing it initially over the top of your favourite winter or summer dress. Then, once you're feeling more confident, you can even try wearing it with a pair of denim jeans! Don't worry - you won't look silly, just ensure that the denim on the jacket and the jeans are slightly different tonnes (ideally darker on the bottom, lighter on top), to balance out the look. Images sourced from Target, and Jeanswest The Trench Coat The trench coat most definitely is an underrated clothing item. Why? Because it's SO versatile! Trench coats are fantastic for tran-seasonal wear, meaning that you'll be able to wear them during that awkward weather phase between winter and spring when its cold, but also you can feel that there is a slight warmth in the air! Pair your trench coat with a chic pair of skinny jeans and sneakers for a really cool, street style look. Or, style over the top of your favourite LBD to take it out in the evening. With so much versatility, the options for styling a trench coat are literally endless! Images sourced from Cotton On and Jeanswest Have you got your eye on any specific jacket styles? Head into South.Point Tuggeranong and take a look at our variety of fashion retailers to find your perfect piece of outerwear.

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