Tips To Staying Healthy

June 07, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

With the cooler weather well and truly upon us, it's extremely important to stay healthy and well this winter. Whether it be looking after your immune system, keeping up to date with your vaccinations, or ensuring your skin and body is well looked after; South.Point's Discount Drug Store is your one stop shop for all the services and resources you need this winter. We recently sat down with Annie from Discount Drug Store to talk about tips on how people can stay healthy this winter. Here's what we learnt... Discount Drug Store Services and Offerings Discount Drug Store (DDS) offers a variety of services for their customers including their loyalty program, dose administration aids (Webster Packs), medical certificates (personal and carers leave), free blood pressure testing, as well as the ability to keep your prescriptions on file in store and script text reminders using the MedAdvisor app. Loyalty Program The DDS loyalty customers are the first to hear about in-store promotions and clinics, and they receive further discounts on selected catalogue items and vouchers to use on any front of shop item. To join the club, you simply provide your full name and email address. Webster Packs These are disposable medication packs to assist with managing your medications and to ensure they’re taken safely & correctly. The DDS packing technician & pharmacists prepare these in store on a fortnightly basis, and are particularly useful for patients who have a lot of medications to take, they get confused about what they’re taking or forget to take their tablets, or for those who spend some time in respite care. Medical Certificates These are helpful for anyone who is absent from work due to an illness or injury and cannot be seen by their GP on the day. DDS can also provide a certificate to a carer (such as a parent) needing to stay home from their job or schooling, to care for someone unwell or injured. They can provide a couple of days leave, which usually covers the patient until they can get in to see their doctor, or for the illness to pass. Blood pressure testing This is a popular service DDS provide to customers, as it is free and convenient. Not everyone can afford a blood pressure monitor, so customers find it reassuring that they can come in to DDS any time to get their blood pressure checked and have a consult with friendly pharmacists if they have any concerns. MedAdvisor App DDS have the ability to securely keep customers prescriptions and repeats on file and to send text reminders when their prescriptions are due, ready for collection or expiring. This is an easy and convenient way for people to keep track of their medications without worrying about their physical prescription. Patients do not need a smart phone to receive this service – a regular mobile phone will do just fine, or even a landline phone. With a landline, a recording will play alerting the customer to any prescriptions they potentially require. The MedAdvisor app gives the patient a visual representation of exactly how many repeats are remaining and the expiry date of the script. Here, they can also see the DDS current catalogue and be taken to the online store if they would like to browse the Discount Drug Stores range of products. Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter As the temperature drops, it's important to boost your immunity to help fight off all the nasty cold and flu viruses that are present. Increasing your Vitamin C intake with either supplements or fruit & vegetables such as citrus fruits, broccoli and tomatoes is a great way to aid in boosting the immune system. Personal hygiene is just as important, and it stops these viruses spreading. Make sure you cover your mouth & nose when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands thoroughly, use hand sanitizer when a washroom isn’t available and throw your dirty tissues in the bin. It’s always a good idea to stay rugged up when venturing out into the cold and make sure you stay hydrated by drinking roughly 2L of water a day.  Discount Drug Stores always have a wide range of immune boosting, cold & flu fighting products to offer customers. Their friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice and direction to ensure that customers go home with the product best to suit their situation. DDS also run a couple of flu clinics each year to administer the flu vaccination without a prescription. After the clinics are completed, they do allow customers to walk in without an appointment, depending on the flu vaccine stock level. Vitamins and Medicines To Keep On Hand This Winter Vitamin C is the most popular vitamin this season. It is an antioxidant that plays a valuable role in maintaining and supporting a healthy immune system and comes in a range of products from chewable tablets safe for the whole family to powders that get mixed in water for those patients that have trouble swallowing tablets. Echinacea is another important vitamin during these colder months. Like Vitamin C, it promotes a healthy immune system to help reduce the risk of getting a cold or flu virus and to reduce the severity of the symptoms and duration if you do get sick. DDS also have a big range of cold and flu medications for symptom relief. This includes tablets, mixtures, nasal sprays, sore throat gargles and lozenges. Beauty and Skincare Essentials With the heater cranking to stay warm this winter, skin can become very dry and itchy. A really good intensive moisturiser like Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion is ideal to rehydrate and moisturise the skin. It is suitable for use on babies, the face and for those who have sensitive skin. A moisturising lip balm is another item that you should keep handy. Just like the skin on your body, your lips also suffer dehydration from the heaters being on, or from those icy cold winds Canberrans know so well. Blistex Ultra Lip balm provides intensive moisture and conditioning to your sore & dry lips.  What Your Pharmacist Can Help You With Sometimes when you’re unwell, you can’t always get in to see a doctor on the day you have off work. The friendly DDS pharmacists are able to provide patients with a couple of days leave with a medical certificate so they can rest and book in to see their GP, without having to worry about not being covered for work. Their consultation room ensures that customers have the pharmacists undivided attention and privacy from the general public for some potentially embarrassing questions. This allows the pharmacist to properly assess the situation to provide the best and most accurate advice. Ways You Can Save Money At Discount Drug Store South.Point Discount Drug Stores mission is to provide healthcare and health services to people in the community at low and affordable prices without compromising on service. DDS offer a wide range of prescription medications at every day low prices. They are quite competitive with prices in comparison to other pharmacies in the area, however if a product they stock is cheaper in another pharmacy, they will match their pricing. The staff at Discount Drug Store are always willing to go above and beyond for customers.

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