5 Healthy Eating Tips to stay on track for Winter

August 15, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

What's been your game plan this winter with your eating habits? Have you struggled with sugar cravings and an increase in appetite because the weathers been unbearably cold? Or have you stuck to a healthy and balanced eating regime? Either way, eating well throughout the cooler months can be difficult. We are less active due to the shorter, colder days, and it's easy to turn to high sugar or saturated fat foods to keep us warm! If you've found that your eating and lifestyle habits haven't been the best, fear not because here are 5 ways to get you back on track! Eat protein with every meal One of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight throughout winter is to eat meals that feature good-quality, low fat protein. Protein foods have a low GI and will help curb sugar cravings. A good guide to the right serving of protein is around the size of the palm of your hand. Protein rich foods that you can turn to include nuts, seeds, legumes, fish, eggs chicken and lean meat. They'll keep you fuller for longer too, which is why it's really important to incorporate protein into your lunch meals, which will help you avoid the 3pm or late night sugar cravings. By replacing refined carbs and sugars with nutrient-rich sources of protein like lean chicken, eggs, and legumes, you are increasing your body’s chances healthy weight management.   Fill your plate with fruit and vegetables It's really important at this time of year to ensure that you're increasing your fruit and vegetable intake. Not only will eating fruit and vegetables keep you healthy and give your immune system a good boost to avoid getting sick, but they are also an incredible source of vitamin A, C, folate, iron and calcium too! So, how many pieces of fruit and vegetables should you have per day? Five serves of veggies per day (where a serve is defined as around 75g) and two serves of fruit a day (a serve is about 150g). You can easily incorporate this amount creatively into meals as well through smoothies, soups and snacks! Be a smart snacker When you go too long between meals, you may become so hungry that you end up eating more calories than what is recommended This is why snacking can help keep your hunger levels at bay, especially on days when your meals are spaced further apart. However, it's super important to make healthy snack choices! Not only does snacking prevent healthy eating, but it's also a good way to incorporate more vitamins and minerals into your diet too. Healthy snack ideas include nuts or trail mix, carrots or celery with hummus, avocado on crackers, or even just a piece of fruit or a yoghurt. Snacking smartly and often throughout the day will ensure that you keep those hunger levels down, and will also ensure that you make positive food choices throughout the day for your main meals. Exclusive Deals on Food and Dining at South.Point Drink two litres of water a day Staying hydrated throughout winter is really important. Why? Because most of us are inside all day with the heaters blasting, which means we can become dehydrated! Try to drink at least two lites per day. This can be through water, or even herbal tea. If you find drinking plain water a little boring, then opt for the sparkling kind (with no added sugar), or even add some fresh lime or berries to your water to add a delicious, natural flavour. Choose wholesome grains Whilst it can be extremely tempting to reach for cakes, pastries white pasta and rice, these foods are highly refined and can promote weight gain. Instead, opt for wholesome wholegrain foods that will help you maintain a healthy weight. They'll also keep you fuller for longer too! Good choices include wholegrain pasta, rice quinoa, and grainy breads. We hope these tips have either inspired you to get back on track with your eating this season, or have given you a little more information on how you can better lifestyle choices!

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