November 14, 2018 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Are you finding that life is feeling a little cluttered at the moment? Do you feel like your home is in major need of a spring clean? Well then this post is for you! Did you know that decluttering leads to increased productivity, improved wellbeing, and considerable financial advantages, and clearing your space can lead to a clearer mind too? If you're feeling a little overwhelmed with where to begin in decluttering your space, then take a read of these decluttering tips below... 1. Start in the bedroom The bedroom is meant to be a place of sanctuary and relaxation, however it can be easy to pile things up in your bedroom, which can take away the relaxation element quite quickly. Start with the wardrobe and clean it out in preparation for summer. Use a Keep, Donate/Sell, Throw pile system and be honest with yourself with what you want to keep and get rid of. Too often we can store bits and bobs in different parts of the room, so ensure that you do a good clean out of every space in the room. Storing excess items in storage boxes under your bed can also help to maximise space as well! 2. Clean out the pantry and kitchen cupboards Cleaning out your pantry can be extremely beneficial. There's a high chance that you may even find some items that should have been thrown out long ago! We suggest remove all items from the pantry, wiping and cleaning it out, and then using small storage boxes and containers to arrange things so that they are neat and tidy, as well as easily accessible for you. By giving the kitchen a much needed cleanse, you’ll be far more motivated to cook nutritious meals and be productive in the kitchen. Doing a kitchen clean out can also be a great excuse to purchase some new storage items and kitchenware as well! 3. Organise your workspace A clean workspace can pave the way to better performance, creativity and a lot more productivity. The items that are kept on your home office desk should be kept to a minimum. Think the same for your draws as well. Go through every draw and in tray, and do a major clean out. Be ruthless with this process, as a lot of excess paper and bits and bobs can be stored in the home office. Ensure that you get rid of old tech cords and bits of stationary that don't have a place. 4. Tackle the kids room Sometimes this can be the most difficult room to tackle when it comes to decluttering. Remember to be ruthless, as a makeover to a kids room can considerably impact their rest and emotions. South.Point Lifesyle Blog When cleaning out a childs room, try to minimise storage space to encourage children to be purposeful with what they want to keep. Much like the decluttering of your room, start a Keep, Donate/Sell, and Throw pile, and get the kids involved in the process as well! 5. Don't forget the bathroom Start with your medicine cabinet. Take everything out and discard outdated medications, makeup, and skincare products. Put everything you're keeping immediately back into the cabinet, storing the items you use most often at eye level. Pull everything out from below your bathroom sink and declutter the items there. Remember to keep only what you know you are going to use. Decluttering doesn't have to be a stressful process. Even if you do one room at a time, across a number of days or weeks - you'll start to feel more refreshed and relaxed at home. Images sourced via Pinterest. 

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