10 Recipes to Get You Really Excited for Spring

September 07, 2020 By Southpoint Tuggeranong

Light, bright, lemony, and packed with peak season produce like peas, asparagus, ramps, and rhubarb; these are our favorite spring recipes to celebrate the season.

White Bean and Spring Vegetable Stew
This stew recipe is all about those lovingly cooked and seasoned dried beans and the glorious (vegan!) broth they create. Though asparagus and peas scream “spring!” this really is a stew for all seasons—those veggies can be swapped with whatever looks good at the market, as long as they’re quick-cooking and/or thinly sliced.
Just keep in mind that for the best results, you have to soak the beans overnight. Recipe

Ramp Fritters
These crispy little fritters taste like a three-way cross between onion tempura, blooming onion, and onion rings. If you can’t find ramps, use thin scallions. Recipe

Poached Salmon with Artichoke Confit
Salmon and the artichokes are poached in spice- and herb-infused liquids, adding layers of subtle aromatic flavor. Recipe

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Fresh lemon and ricotta, the perfect ingredients for delicious springtime pancakes. Recipe

Rhubarb–Brown Butter Bars
Think of your favorite granola packed full of nuts and surrounding a layer of sweet-tart rhubarb jam and you’ve got these bars. Use any combination of whole nuts you’d like, and feel free to leave the dried hibiscus flowers out of the filling entirely (they’re there to make the mixture pinker and amplify the rhubarb’s floral taste). Please note: You can also use a tart, thick store-bought jam - You'll need 1½ cups. Recipe

Caesar Salad with Roast Chicken
The only thing better than a roast chicken and a Caesar salad is a Caesar salad served with a chicken smothered in Caesar dressing and roasted until the garlic, anchovies, and mustard creating a deeply caramelized and flavorful taste.Recipe

Springy Ricotta Gnocchi With Peas and Herbs
If you’ve ever been intimidated by the thought of making fresh pasta at home, look no further. Ricotta gnocchi is simple to make, and it’s faster and more foolproof than its potato counterparts. The only tricky part is adding enough flour so that your dough is easy to work with, but not so much that it becomes stodgy or tough. Recipe

White Beans with Broccoli Rabe and Lemon
If you like bold, assertive flavors—like broccoli rabe and lemon—this rustic white bean side dish is the recipe for you. Try it with roast chicken or pork tenderloin.Recipe

Creamy Lemon Zucchini Pasta
With the help of the large holes on a box grater, zucchini transforms into a pile of soft shreds. Cook it down with olive oil, onion, and garlic and it becomes a creamy, caramelized mush that’s great to spread on toast, stir into scrambled eggs, or turn into pasta sauce with the assistance of cream and lemon juice.Recipe

Open-Face Eggplant Sandwiches With Ricotta and Pickled Onions
While pan-fried eggplant is extraordinarily delicious, sometimes you need a preparation that’s quick and low-mess. For this anytime sandwich, you’ll sear the eggplant on the stove, then marinate it in oil and vinegar to make it silky-soft and flavor-packed.
The eggplant is great on its own—chop it up and serve it with hummus and pickled vegetables—but works well on an open-face sandwich paired with creamy ricotta and crunchy red onion. Feel free to use sherry vinegar, Champagne vinegar, or white wine vinegar in place of the red wine vinegar. This recipe is part of the 2020 Healthyish Farmers Market Challenge.Recipe