Harry Hartog Opening Events

Harry Hartog is opening their newest store at South.Point Shopping Centre.


Celebrate with us by dropping by for one of the many events and competitions lined up over the coming weeks!


Not only will there be a Grand Opening on Thursday 19 May at 11am, but there will also be a month of Children’s Storytimes with some of the Canberra region’s finest children’s authors for storytime, held each Saturday from 11am at the beautiful new store.


Grand Opening

Thursday 19 May at 11.00am 


Join well-known Canberra authors Irma Gold and Chris Hammer for the Grand Opening of Harry Hartog at South.Point.


With readings from their latest works, lots of giveaways and competitions, this is an event not to be missed.

Children’s Storytime – Under The Moonlight

Saturday 28 May at 11.00am 


Join author Susanna Crisp as she shares a gentle story about showing bravery in the face of your fears that is sure to be a new bedtime favourite.


Meet Moose, an enormous, brave and solitary moose, with nothing to fear. Unfortunately for Moose, his tranquil sleep is about to be shattered by a fright in the night.


Follow Moose as he shows great bravery in facing his fears and investigating the source of the night-time fright.

Children’s Storytime – Plume: Global Nibbler

Saturday 4 June at 11.00am 


Join author Tania McCartney as she introduces the most adorable penguin world explorer on a gastronomic jaunt around the planet in Plume: Global Nibbler, the second book in Tania McCartney’s series for little ones, celebrating the cultures and diversity of the world around us! 


Plume loves to cook – and to eat. He loves a bit of spice and he’s on a mission to fire up the tastebuds of his fussy-eater penguin friends. With the help of his dear friend Ava (of the Albatross Express), he leaves Antarctica in search of the world’s most delicious local dishes and treats.


From Iranian kebabs and Swedish cinnamon pastries, to Ethiopian injera flatbread and the chewy crispiness of Italian pizza … can these delightful dishes tempt Plume’s friends away from krill in favour of a truly global smorgasbord?

Children’s Storytime – Seree’s Story

Saturday 11 June at 11.00am 


Join author Irma Gold as she reads her uplifting and thought-provoking tale about elephant conservation.


When they came, the herd scattered in fright, their trumpeting calls shattering the morning. Seree and her mother were cornered. Life in the jungle was good for young Seree and her mother until the day poachers come. Separated from her mother and the life she knows, Seree is taken to work in a circus. Forced to perform every day and spend each night in chains, Seree longs to be with the herd and reunited with her mother. Will she ever be free?


A poignant story by an active elephant conservationist that puts the spotlight on animal welfare.

Children’s Storytime – Ghostie

Saturday 18 June at 11.00am 


Join Stephanie Owen Reeder, an the award-winning author of over 15 books for children, for a reading of Ghostie. As well as writing books, Stephanie also illustrates, edits, reviews, collects and devours them.


When Mum and Dad are busy working, Ava gets bored. Luckily for her, Ghostie comes to the rescue. There’s mischief and mayhem galore as together they explore his ghostly powers and celebrate family, friendship and imaginative play.  

Children’s Storytime – There’s a Baddie running through this book

Saturday 25 June at 11.00am 


Join Shelly Unwin, for this fast-paced story about a baddie on the run and a playful text that invites the child and reader to interact with the book reminiscent of children’s classics such as Richard Scarry’s Great Big Air Book and Nick Bland’s The Wrong Book.


There’s a baddie running through this book,
Turn the pages; have a look.
There he goes, did you see?
Sound your siren, chase with me.


Kids, watch out! A baddie is on the loose and only you can catch him. But this baddie is very sneaky. He’s going to have you looking for him everywhere…up and down, and around and around…until the very last page!

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