DIY Thursday: The Ladybug

May 28, 2020 to June 03, 2020
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With the bigger kids back at school, this week's craft blog is especially for the littlies! We have two super fun and easy ladybug crafts to be enjoyed by all.

Cooking Addition

Image by @rhicreative

These biscuits are so simple and tasty!
All you need is:
• Biscuits (any type you prefer)
• Mini Oreos
• Red icing
• Candy eyes
• Maltesers

Step 1: Paint the red icing on one side of the biscuits.
Step 2: Cut the Maltesers in half and press them into the icing. About 5 halves per
biscuit should be enough.
Step 3: Place the mini Oreo onto the top end of the icing covered biscuit.
Step 4: Use the icing to stick on the candy eyes and enjoy!

Craft Addition

The rock ladybug is super cute and uses basic craft essentials you might already have in the craft cupboard. To pick your rock body, go for a little explore outside to find the perfect one!

All you will need is:
• A rock
• Black and red paint
• Craft eyes
• Glue
• Glitter or stickers (optional)

Step 1: Paint the rock with your red paint.
Step 2: Once the red paint has dried, paint on your bugs black spots and its black
eye section.
Step 3: Use the glue to stick on the eyes and complete your lad bug.
Step 4: You can decorate your bug however you like by adding glitter or stickers to
make it special.