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Christmas Craft Village

Visit our gingerbread-themed village. With lots of fun and interactive activities for your little elves. 

  • A series of Craft workshops
  • Roaming Christmas characters
  • Perfect picture scenes so you can build your Christmas photo album  
  • Heaps of Christmas toys to play with 
Location: Next to Harris Scarfe  
Dates: Friday 1st – Sunday 24th December  
Time: 11am – 2pm Everyday 
Cost: Free for VIP members 
Saturday2/12/2023Snow Globes11-2PM
Sunday3/12/2023Snowflake Garlands11-2PM
Saturday9/12/2023Christmas Wrapping Paper11-2PM
Sunday10/12/2023Christmas Baubles11-2PM
Monday11/12/2023Reindeer Snack Jars11-2PM
Tuesday12/12/2023Make a Snowman11-2PM
Wednesday13/12/2023Snow Globes11-2PM
Thursday14/12/2023Snowflake Garlands11-2PM
Friday15/12/2023Christmas Wrapping Paper11-2PM
Saturday16/12/2023Christmas Baubles11-2PM
Sunday17/12/2023Reindeer Snack Jars11-2PM
Monday18/12/2023Make a Snowman11-2PM
Tuesday19/12/2023Snow Globes11-2PM
Wednesday20/12/2023Snowflake Garlands11-2PM
Thursday21/12/2023Christmas Wrapping Paper11-2PM
Friday22/12/2023Christmas Baubles11-2PM
Saturday23/12/2023Reindeer Snack Jars11-2PM
Sunday24/12/2023Make a Snowman11-2PM
Roaming Characters
Saturday2/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Sunday3/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Saturday9/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Sunday10/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Saturday16/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Sunday17/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Monday18/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Tuesday19/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Wednesday20/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Thursday21/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Friday22/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Saturday23/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM
Sunday24/12/2023Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman11-2PM